Happy 2nd Birthday, Anthony!

My Dearest Anthony,

Happy 2nd birthday! When you were a baby (at 2, I think you are officially not one anymore!), 2 year olds looked like such “big kids” to me. Well, now you are one of those big kids! I didn’t think that I could possibly love you anymore than I did last year, but I was wrong – my love for you keeps on growing. I have a feeling I’ll say that every year. It has been so fun to watch your little (actually big) personality grow this year and to see the little boy you are turning into. Your sense of humor cracks me up and you are constantly making yourself, me, dad, and others laugh. You are definitely into all things “boy”. Your playroom floor is overflowing with trucks and balls. You especially like garbage trucks and basketball. You love to play “I’m going to get you”, jump on trampolines, and are a natural in our Mommy & Me soccer class! Although you do like all things “boy”, you are very empathetic and polite. I have never seen you hit or take another kid’s toy at the playground. Also, you get upset if somebody else starts to cry. You love to snuggle me in your rocking chair every night before bedtime with your “night night” long after your sippy cup of milk is gone and your teeth are brushed (although I’m not sure it’s because it allows you stay up later 😉 )

This year you loved to hang out with your friends on playdates, at stroller strides, and in soccer. You got your first haircut, took swim lessons, Nonnie and Papa moved close to us, and we went to Big Bear with the neighbors as well as Chicago again. You are starting to talk up a storm and I love getting that new glimpse into your personality and thoughts.

I thought I would be sad to see your “baby years” end, but I am loving each age more than the last. I can’t wait to see what adventures this year brings us.

I love you to the moon and back,


PS-I don’t care if you’re 80….you’ll always be my baby

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