The Three Amigos’ First Fiesta

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How adorable are these 3 little amigos?? Two other moms on my street were pregnant at the same time as me; one was due a few weeks before and one was due a few weeks after. Neither was finding out the sex of their babies (I could not even wait to find out until the standard 20 week gender ultrasound and went for an early 3d ultrasound to find out…did I mention I hate surprises but love planning?). I was convinced that they were going to both have girls as not to get my hopes up. Well, I could not have been happier when not one, but both, turned out to be boys! And thus began the 3 amigos…

At one of our very early playdates (which I’m just now realizing is so much more for the moms than the kids at the that age) we decided to do a joint first birthday party with a “3 Amigos’ Fiesta” theme. This past Saturday we finally put it into action and it could not have turned out any cuter! We had the party at the neighborhood park at the end of our street. We had a taco cart set up in the park for the food, pinatas for the “big kids”, and matching mariachi onesies (complete with “Uno”, “Dos”, and “Tres” sewed on the back in order of their actual birthdays) with sombreros for our birthday boys. A great thing about “fiestas” is that you don’t need to spend a ton of money on decorations. Four emptied refried bean cans became “vases” for white flowers tied with twine. We hung red and green balloons, a couple of banners, and the pinatas served as both decor and a game! Last but not least was red, green, and white smash cakes for the boys as well as a sheet cake with a picture of the boys for everybody else to enjoy. Also, don’t forget, you don’t need “3 Amigos” to have a fiesta…with only one “amigo” or “muchacha” a fiesta does make 🙂


PS- Our street also has a lot of “happy hours”….I highly recommend, Mamas 😉

amigos decor

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