Happy 1st Birthday, Anthony!

My Dearest Anthony,

How are you already 1?? It seems like just yesterday I was nervously packing my hospital bag and anxiously preparing to meet you. Since then has been the most wonderful, challenging, and rewarding year of my entire life! I thought that this year would be about me teaching you things, but, instead, I feel that this year has been more of a learning experience for me and you have been the most fantastic teacher I have ever had. You have taught me how to love unconditionally, cherish small moments, to not cry over spilled milk (literally & figuratively), and, most importantly, how to be your mom. You will always be special to me for a million reasons but perhaps the biggest one is that you made me a mom. Being “mom” to such a sweet, spirited, funny, curious, and smart little boy is the biggest honor I have ever had.

I love that everyday with you is a new adventure. My favorite memories from this year come from these adventures. I still laugh about how scared I was the first time we went to Target just the two of us. You were about a week old and we left because you woke up and started crying and I didn’t know what to do! Well, luckily, we have come a long way (and a million Target trips) from that day. We have spent countless hours at the park (you love to swing!), the Botanical Gardens (you never fail to be the dirtiest, happiest kid in the sandbox), playdates with our friends, and we’ve even explored Chicago and New York together!

I can’t wait for the new adventures that this next year will bring and to continue to see you grow into the most wonderful little boy I could ever ask for.

I love you to the moon and back,


PS- I don’t care if you’re 80….You’ll always be my baby

Anthony 1 year collage

2 thoughts on “Happy 1st Birthday, Anthony!

  1. How beautiful! You have inspired me to write a birthday letter to max every year! After forgetting last year I was not going to! Oh well ill start at two! Ps love it congrats! Cant wait for more!


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